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Run For Fun (6 Km)

bhopal half marathon half marathon
  • upcoming marathon in mp Race Day: 11 February 2024
  • half marathon Race category distance: 6 km
Registration Dates
  • half marathon Start on 1st September 2023
  • marathon in bhopal End on 9th February 2024


1. The flag-off time for Run For Fun is 7:00 am. The reporting time for all the participants is 6:00 am

2. The age requirement to enter the marathon race category is 15 years (born on or before 11.02.2009).

3. The Run For Fun division is a social fun run. Since this category is not timed, participant finish times won't be recorded, and no timing certificates will be given for it.

4. It is compulsory for the participants registering under the Run For Fun (6 km) (Students) Category to show their valid student Id cards while collecting T-shirts and BIBs at the expo.

5. Participation in the Run For Fun category is open to all individuals fully vaccinated (COVID-19 vaccination as approved by WHO).

  • a) Standard rules and regulations for the entry.
  • b) Having taken two doses of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  • 6. All applicants must meet the standards outlined in the Health Guidelines at the time of registration and as periodically instructed by the event promoter.

    7. Registered competitors will line up on race day on a first-come, first-served basis and start their races in waves at regular, brief intervals.

    8. Confirmed marathon participants will receive T-shirts before the event day at Onewalk, Rani Kamlapati Railway Station, from the event's sponsor, TONEOP-Health & Fitness App. We will do our best to provide the singlet/tee size that you have chosen. The next best size will be provided if that size isn't available. No requests for size or colour changes will be granted. Please be aware that no one will receive a race day T-shirt through courier before or after the event.

    9. On race day, a participation medal will be given to each person who completes the Run For Fun race category (medals will not be posted to individual runners). After seven working days following race day, participants in the Run For Fun will be able to download their participation certificates at

    upcoming marathon in bhopal

    Map Route (6 km)

    half marathon marathon in bhopal

    1. The flag-off time for Open 10K is 7:00 am. The reporting time for all the participants is 6:00 am. Major route touchpoints are:

  • TT Nagar Stadium
  • Roshanpura Square
  • Polytechnic Square
  • VIP Start Point (Raja Bhoj Setu Bridge)
  • U-turn back to TT Nagar Stadium