Standard Rules & Regulations

1. You can register online using the registration link: or offline by paying the applicable fees based on the selected race category. To apply offline, contact at +91-7880105435, +91-7880105436. No person or organisation has received permission from the event promoter to collect submissions on their behalf.

2. Before submitting your application, please carefully review all pertinent information provided on the event website and application form.

3. Refund requests and requests to discontinue participation are not accepted.

4. If attendees are found to be rude or abusive toward the event organisers, volunteers, vendors, or third-party contractors, the organisers reserve the right to ban the participants.

5. Age criteria (minimum)

  • Marathon (42.195 km)- Min age 18 Years
  • Half Marathon- Min age 18 Years
  • Open 10K- Min age 18 Years
  • Run For Fun- Min age 15 Years

6. Application confirmation is subject to the standard rules and guidelines outlined in this document. The Confirmation Criteria will also apply to the confirmation of applications.

7. Runners are required to submit the following documents:

  • To obtain the BIB and take part in the event, you must have a COVID vaccination certificate (both doses) or an RT-PCR negative report.
  • Supporting photo ID (such as a passport, driver's licence, or Aadhaar card).
  • On behalf of their team members, a group may send a representative to pick up the running BIBs. BIBs with running numbers for everyone taking part in the Run. Please be aware that to enter the exhibition grounds, the representative or representatives collecting the number BIBs must be properly vaccinated and have a soft copy of their vaccination certificate with them. To collect number BIBs, the representative(s) must have the following documentation with them:
  • A printed copy of the email sent to the group's point person to confirm the group.
  • The waiver form must be signed by each individual registrant of the group; else, a BIB will not be provided.
  • A representative's photo ID has been approved by the government.
  • Covid Vaccination Certificate (2 doses) or Representative's RTPCR Test Negative Report.

8. Each participant must visit the Expo to pick up their BIBs. If you cannot pick up their BIB on these dates, a representative can pick up the BIB and runners kit on your behalf. The representative must provide our registration team with the following paperwork:

  • The printout of the acceptance letter or email confirmation.
  • A copy of the participant's identity document that is used to verify their registration.
  • A copy of the waiver form that the registrant has signed; without it, a BIB will not be given.
  • Covid vaccination certificate (2 doses) for registered participants must be presented at the expo in order to receive the BIB and take part in the activity.
  • Supporting photo ID (such as a passport, driver's licence, or Aadhaar card).

9. Required details and documents

Indian Participants

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Address
  • Contact Number

International Participants

  • Passport number
  • Any Govt Tax ID number
  • Contact number
  • Address

10. Participants will be given a free warm-up Zumba session before the marathon. They will also be provided with refreshments on the day of the event.

11. Pacers are available for Half Marathon (21.0975 km) and Open 10k (10 km) categories.

12. The BIBs for Half Marathon (21.0975 km) and Open 10k (10 km) categories will have a chip attached. Since the Run For Fun (6 km) category is not timed, the BIB provided will be without the chip.

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