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Run with our pacer and focus solely on running, not worrying about splits or time. Pacers are experienced runners who help you focus on achieving your desired time by following them during the marathon. So choose your pacer to seek motivation and guidance along the way and get ready for the best experience of your life at the Pankh MP Half Marathon.

Best Half Marathon India-5

Siddharth Goyat

Bus Time (21km) : 1hr 55min

Half Marathon India-5

Nandan Narula

Bus Time (21km) : 2hr 15min

Half Marathon -5

Akshat Agnihotri

Bus Time (21km) : 2hr 25min

Bhopal Best Half Marathon-6

Dharmendra Jogi

Bus Time (21km) : 2hr 30min

Best Half Marathon India-6

Achin Phulre

Bus Time (21km) : 2hr 35min

Half Marathon India-6

Varun Namdev

Bus Time (10km) : 55min

Half Marathon -6

Praveen K Sapkal

Bus Time (10km) : 1hr

Bhopal Best Half Marathon-7

Vinod Godbole

Bus Time (10km) : 1hr 10min

Bhopal Best Half Marathon-7

Ram Prasad Gohe

Bus Time (10km) : 1hr 15min