Pankha MP Marathon

Pankh is an initiative to support the spectacular performances of youngsters of Madhya Pradesh in various National and international Sports Tournaments. Pankh aims to honour the Under 19 Sports Achievers of 52 Districts of Madhya Pradesh who have represented Madhya Pradesh on national and international levels despite multiple socio-economic challenges. MP is a state of culture, tradition, art and talent. There are numerous youngsters in MP who are exceptionally talented in sports. However, due to the lack of financial aid and facilities, they fall behind despite their skills and passion. To provide the required support to these young children of MP, we are collectively trying to help them achieve their goals. We believe that all our small contributions can be a significant stepping stone for these sports achievers. With our support, these young sportspersons will be able to receive sports training from professionals, proper education, nutrition and sports equipment. With these facilities, the young children of MP who are passionate about sports will be trained to participate and compete in international sports tournaments like the Olympics. Pankh Khel Protsahan is an initiative under Pankh Marathon to be held on 11 February 2024 at TT Nagar Stadium, Bhopal. With the active participation of runners and supporters, we hope to make this event a platform for the young talent of MP to get ahead of all the challenges and reach new heights.

The Vision

Go above and beyond to support MP's emerging talent and open doors to international sports opportunities. The initiative aims at facilitating the achievers with

  • Sports Education & Training
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Sport Equipment
  • Livelihood

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