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upcoming marathon in bhopal

About Us

Pankh MP Marathon is not just about running; it's coming together to make dreams come true.

Pankh MP Marathon, along with Pankh Khel Protsahan, is an initiative of the Bansal News, one of the most prestigious media houses of MP. The idea is to bring all the health, sports and running enthusiasts of the state to a common ground and experience the motivating participation of people from different backgrounds. The teams of organisers and supporters have put in their hearts and souls to make this an experience for all the participants to cherish for life and look forward to reliving it.

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About The Organisers

marathon in bhopal

Bansal News

Established in 2010, Bansal News is the leading media house of MP, headquartered in the heart of Bhopal. Committed to spreading awareness, celebrating accomplishments, and inspiring change, Bansal News has become a household name in the state.

Driven by a passion for community welfare and a dedication to unbiased journalism, Bansal News takes its role beyond just reporting news. It aspires to uplift society through various initiatives, including its flagship event, the Pankh MP Marathon. This marathon embodies our unwavering support for young sports achievers, fostering a culture of health, fitness, and aspiration in the heart of Bhopal.

upcoming marathon in bhopal

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