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Kajal Tharwani

Feb 21, 2023

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The miracle is not that you crossed the finish line. The miracle is that you dared to start! Half marathoners are dreamers who want to run the full marathon distance. However, achieving your goals and running farther takes dedication and hard work. Whether you are training for a half marathon or any far distance, keeping a well-rounded routine and diet is essential. Before talking about any fitness routine or diet, I hope you know about the upcoming marathon in Bhopal Pankh MP Half Marathon, which is happening on 11 February 2024 at TT Nagar Stadium, Bhopal, to give wings to the hope of young under-19 sports achievers of MP.Back to the topic, is running a half marathon difficult? It is not as long as you are fit. This blog will discuss half marathon training and give tips for a half marathon runner.

    Stages For The Fitness Regime

    During the introduction stage of half marathon training, runners should aim to stay below 90% of their maximum heart rate for workouts. Moreover, you can focus on building up your stamina by doing light to moderate workouts of 30-60 minutes. These workouts should be done thrice weekly, with days off in between. Intense training should be separated by 4 days to avoid exercise-associated hyponatremia. During the introduction stage, runners should focus on gradually increasing the duration and intensity of their runs as they build up their half marathon R trail. They should aim for shorter runs of 10-15 miles and gradually increase the distance of each run by 5-10 miles per week until they reach long runs of 15-20 miles.

      Stage 2- The Build-Up Stage

      You should follow a few fundamental principles when building your program for a half marathon training. First and foremost, specificity is vital. This means you must spend time developing the specific aspects of your half marathon race rather than just focusing on general fitness. The more time you spend working on your specific weaknesses, the more confidently you perform in the half marathon race. Secondly, variation is essential in training for a half marathon. This means that you should avoid doing the same thing repeatedly but instead allow your body and mind to experience different things throughout your training program Finally, individualisation is another essential principle when training for a half marathon. This means that you should focus your training efforts on workouts that specifically target your weaknesses and strengths rather than trying to improve as an overall athlete.

        Stage 3 - The Specific Stage

        During stage 3, the training sessions should be particular in terms of intensity and duration. In terms of duration, the session should be 2-3 minutes long. Besides, these sessions should include a warm-up and a cooldown. During intense intervals, runners should focus on maintaining their speed for the interval. Interval training is suitable for conducting hill sprints, progressive runs, and long continuous runs. As the name suggests, interval training involves alternating periods of fast running with easy jogging or walking over some time During tempo runs, runners should aim to run consistently throughout the session. The tempo run can last 30-45 minutes, depending on the distance covered. Finally, runners can focus on improving their top speed for short periods during speed play sessions. This session can include running drills with an emphasis on acceleration and deceleration.

          Stage 4- The Gradual Reduction

          You have reached the final stage of your half-marathon training and are making steady progress towards your race goal. However, there is still a lot of hard work before the big day. You should keep up the excellent work and be patient, as it takes time to reach your goal. Continue building strength and endurance through consistent training and remain focused on your long-term goals.

            Tips To Improve Fitness For A Half Marathon

            Improve your half marathon fitness by following the 4 fundamental training principles of specificity, variation, individualisation, and progression.

            • Utilise a particular training methodology to complete your half-marathon workout plan. This will help you develop the specific physical abilities required for running a half marathon.
            • Learn from experienced marathon runners to get the most out of your training.
            • Incorporate variety into your training for the best results. This will ensure you get varied and beneficial experiences during your training.
            • Be aware of the risks of injuries during your training. Ensure you are properly monitoring your health and making adjustments if necessary. This will help you avoid any injuries and maximise your chances of crossing the finish line successfully and injury-free.

            The Final Say

            Running a half marathon is a gateway to a debut marathon and an excellent opportunity for trying to set a new personal best in a marathon. With the right fitness regime and preparation, half marathons can be a great way to challenge yourself and experience the joy of running. Therefore, participate and run for a better tomorrow.

              The Upcoming Half-Marathon Of MP

              The Pankh MP Half Marathon is an initiative of the Bansal News to support the persistence and commitment of the upcoming Sport Stars of Madhya Pradesh. There are three categories in the marathon:

              • Half-Marathon (21.0975 km)
              • Open 10k (10km)
              • Run for Fun (6km)

              Pankh MP Half Marathon will be concluded with Pankh Khel Protsahan Awards to reward young sports achievers. The event will commence on 26th February 2023 from the TT Nagar Stadium, Bhopal. If you are a fitness and running enthusiast, then come forward and join this thrilling event. So what are you waiting for? Register now and be a part of the Pankh MP Half Marathon. Click here! 26 Feb 2023 TT Nagar Stadium Contact - 942 582 7903, 7880094636, 8269199962 Website- Email - [email protected] Instagram - @mp.marathon Facebook-

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